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Subject: Adversaries
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papidad 25.09.09 - 07:25am
They evolve in all shapes and sizes
Like wolves in sheeps clothing
Their intent is on carnage
Like a is to an unsullied child
They attack out of the blue only to desecrate
Profligacy is in their hearts
The means legalize the end
But it is pleasing to have them for then I may loosen up
And relapse to procrastination and languor
I see them burrow the pit intended to burry me in
It is not in their point of view
He who laughs last laughs the best
The trough they set in place for me
Will be the place they call for as*istance from me.
With gawking eyes in pretext of virtuousness
Im no fool to see their creepy hearts
For am of good judgment now
Waiting for them to lunge so I can whack their heads off
Is that a show of contempt taking shape on my face?

papidad 27.09.09 - 11:27am
Asked the Lord

I asked the Lord to take away my pride
And the Lord said, NO, this is not for Him to
take away, but for me to give up.

I asked the Lord to give me the gift of patience,
And the Lord said, NO, patience He said,
is an offspring of tribulation; It is not granted, but earned.

I asked the Lord to make a handicapped child whole
And the Lord said, NO, his body is only loaned to him,
but his spirit is full.

I asked the Lord to always grant me happiness
And the Lord said, NO, I will constantly
give you blessings, but happiness is up to you.

I asked the Lord to let me grow in spirit
And the Lord said, NO, you must grow on your own,
but He will always prune me so I can bear abundant fruits.

I asked the Lord to take away my fears, my pains and my sufferings
And the Lord said, Yes, I gave you My only begotten Son
to lift you up from your sins.
(Now, if that isn't love, I don't know what is?)

I asked the Lord, to teach me to love others the way He loves me.
The Lord said finally, Now, you understand my message!
Let us learn to love and minister to others, the way the Lord loves and ministers to us!


leepan 28.09.09 - 11:01am
That's so beautiful and a very uplifting poem. daydream.GIF *

papidad 28.09.09 - 11:06am
blush2.GIF thanks Leehug.GIF *

poet786 29.09.09 - 02:00pm
flood.GIF *

fanking 23.10.09 - 04:46pm
great nd inspiring.i like tht. *

dyke 26.10.09 - 09:40am
really good and well written i like it *

hazel08 10.11.09 - 06:29am
A beautifl piece.lov it *

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