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Inner>>>... Deeper>>>... INTO THE HEART- open your mind!

Group Founder: loti
Description: Poetry is a language (call it 'n Taal, a Lingo, or whatever) spoken by the heart that belongs to an open mind and understood by the poets...*we poets*
Group Type: Public join
Members: 146
Category: Arts & Culture > Art

Topics (164)

go For now. (5) atreides
go when i sleep (0) mischif7
go death to me for you to rule (0) mischif7
go My desert world (6) fanking
go Misty Eyes In The Mirror. (0) odin5
go No Joy In My Heart (0) odin5
go thankful 4 u (0) chinax95
go wonder.you (0) mischif7
go Love to me (1) moobies
go A fairytale (short story) (2) 0minous
go not so dark and ominous (0) mischif7
go the truth is.. (2) mischif7
go insincere sincerity (2) mischif7
go Dong ding (0) moobies
go was i who? (1) mischif7

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