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Subject: A year in the garden
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9362 4.10.08 - 12:56am
All through the seasons a garden brings life no matter the troubles and trials and strife.A rose bloom with dewdrops,a poppy so red,the rich scent of lavender from the flower bed.Or a leaf etched with frost,and beaded with pearls,or simply the way that a fern unfurls.A blackbird at work finding worms on the lawn,or the smell of the garden in the cool rain at dawn.The scent of cut grass,the sight of rich soil,as you lean on a fork after hours of toil.The starkness of winter,a blanket of snow,and hope of the springtime as things start to grow *

bail 23.11.09 - 08:24am
I like the creativity of this poem for it is the reality of nature. keep up! *

filifulu 3.01.10 - 03:23pm
I must admit u r a good poet. I like this *

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