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Subject: was i who?
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mischif7 13.03.11 - 09:46pm
...silenced breath with a distorted beat. Nobody ever taught me to tie these laces on my feet. Clueless to my smile being upside down yet happy as a blind clown. Pain's attendance was never poor as he excelled at mischief. Always late even with the latest fad. Adopting kings slang and motto became, 'mybad'. Louder the distortion became and louder i become whatshisname. Melodies of emotion make the heart beat clear. It breaks once the light bulb goes on signalling my greatest fear. Under the rug all the dirt lie. Shouldn't i be there too? Was i not a lie? Who was i? Moments of dumbest smiles are gone. Wasted time has nothing to do but go on. Autistic and seeking novacaine. Lost my name, lost my wings. Why not lose the shiny things? Why not drown in the bathtub along with my imaginery rubberduck. Pain where have you gone, you werd good to me. You never left my side. Happiness plays around too much. She likes to hide. Im an empty shell. I hate history, it's 03:43 ring the bell. I got a long walk home to hell. Those angels took their merry time. And i needed someone to calm my mind. Lines of candy make me feel like a kid again. No recess, no reset. *

mischif7 13.03.11 - 09:51pm
16 to 19. . .think i lost that touch i had, oh well..enjoy it, hate it, crit it so what haha *

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