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Subject: (roses) VALEN' SPECIAL
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bail 11.02.10 - 01:19pm
With sparkling eyes, crystal clear, drapping l*strous hair, squashy gleamy babie face, stunning blossoming gracious *

bail 11.02.10 - 01:28pm
form, she meticulously walks towards me, she lights up the fire in me, glues up ma eyes on her, that's ma love, ma babie *

bail 11.02.10 - 01:36pm
A banquet of red roses for ma love, whose cupid's arrow has struck ma heart, to bleed forever with blood o' love, ma luv *

bail 11.02.10 - 01:54pm
With that great ego, bold s*xy shoulders, lovely sweet cool cognac, the deep charming baritone, he walks to me, smiling *

bail 11.02.10 - 01:59pm
Ma heart melts away with pure unblemished love, flowing so freely like springs of clean waters, that's ma man, ma love. *

filifulu 29.09.10 - 08:51pm
am alilbit lost. Stanza 1&2 speaks of a She. How does a He come about in stanza 4?? *

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