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Subject: Destiny
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bail 4.11.09 - 09:26am
Am on ma destiny, the destiny i know not about, pls sail with me, 2 give me solace, to churn away hindr ances, as i seek *

bail 4.11.09 - 09:31am
for ma destiny. What does the future hold? when impediments barricade me, scorning eyes stare at me, ridiculing *

bail 4.11.09 - 09:34am
laughters i hear, piercing les all around me, to ache my heart only the more! *

bail 4.11.09 - 09:39am
Pls read as a continous item. ma phone cant text many characters, sorry i beg of you. *

poet786 17.11.09 - 02:48pm
Each persons destiny is unique lonely n troubled but mainly lonely no matter how we wish otherwise *

bail 18.11.09 - 01:31pm
I agree with u poet786. It is so unfortunate. *

poet786 19.11.09 - 02:49pm
hug.GIF bail *

bail 22.11.09 - 01:10pm
Rose.GIF poet786 *

bail 23.12.09 - 04:10pm
Sometimes it is so sad that our destiny do not end happily coz there so many mishaps on the way. *

filifulu 1.01.10 - 01:14pm
Wow thz is so encouraging. Keep it up *

bail 4.01.10 - 06:54am
Thanx filifulu. *

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