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Subject: My secret dream is you..
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y.n0t 14.09.09 - 02:31am
To have you is a great pleasure.. Your sweetness has no measure.. Wana t0uch me for real again and again.. Hate to disc0ver other new lain.. Taste your incredable lips magisty.. Live your passi0n fantasy.. Wana pray for you at your temple.. Coz your magisty so kind and simple.. Y0ur my g0dness your mine.. Your sympathy owns me so fine.. Your my secret beautiful dream.. My w0nderful dream which w0nt be seem.. I love all my random nights.. All I have then is your dream lights.. I want to pray to have you for real.. T0uch me my angel to make me heal.. Am inisint am guilty am so bad.. Heal me my angel am so sad.. Your kidness st0le my em0ti0n.. I wish all n0t be an illusi0n.. Save me out of cruel death.. Save my soul for unkown length.. Hold my body so tight.. Am dreamin every night of this amaizn sight.. Nancy *

y.n0t 14.09.09 - 02:36am
Sorry! Kindness n0t kidness! Nancy *

poet786 17.09.09 - 08:51am
Your passion flames but is that of a campfire weak and tamed or that of a volcano untamed and majestic to which i with awe bow before *

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