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Subject: Leavin u silent
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y.n0t 11.09.09 - 04:37pm
Dont ask me to apologize you.. I know what your g0in trhough.. I w0nt never st0p at your happiness way.. Coz goodbye ghosts beside me lay.. I really d0nt kn0w whose g0na die first..? And who to enter heaven will be late..? Is that accidant was the first warning.? The bad warning for your leaving.. I d0nt have any idea about our future.. Despite our l0ve mas so mature..! Did love put us into its target? Were I your failure starlet..? Nancy *

poet786 17.09.09 - 08:46am
Hearts light hearts breath angels kiss 4eva sweet lingering in loves 4eva feast banish dark embrace heart n be true *

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