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Subject: ::: Love Quotezzz :::
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m_o_o_n 11.08.09 - 08:06am
Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's
called falling in love, because you don't force
yourself to fall, you just fall!!


Post ur Love Quotes here... *

leepan 16.08.09 - 08:42am
aww whistle.GIF *

poet786 17.08.09 - 03:25pm
Love is like the deep blue sea
Deep and unfathomable
You gotta jump in 2 experience it truly *

m_o_o_n 22.08.09 - 06:05pm
Wow... The quote is really good... 2dUiSq8QPKnOI2EaOzJI.gif I love the quote vry much... *

m_o_o_n 25.08.09 - 05:20am
It only takes a minute 2et a crush on some1_An hour 2lyk some1 & a day 2Love some1_,but it takes a lifetime 2 4get some1..whine.GIF *

papidad 25.08.09 - 06:48am
I lov to lov thos tht knw wat lov is. N I hate to lov ths tht hv no clue wht lov is... lt me lov to hatethm heart breaks *

poet786 25.08.09 - 03:47pm
Thanx moon *

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