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Subject: Now u c him now u don't
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xfission 21.04.09 - 11:45am
Sittin in clas* thru anotha of mrs parker's boring literiture lessons, james wishes it wud com 2 an end. Da only thng kiping hm from livin is d@ unlyk otha dayz Diane is sittd in front of hm. Aura of elegance, remarkabo beauty sh is. Brown skin en lyt complexion, a goddess placd among men. Her perfume a glu 2 hz feet. Sh turns around looks @ hm en smyls askn 4 pencil. He givs ha hiz en sh turns ryt round.If only she cud c d@ he wz rily ther. But sh neva wil. Now u c him now u dont *

evilgirl 23.10.09 - 01:40pm
i cn c wer u goin n ur idea is gud bt ur style of writin n ryhming needs 2 b worked on. wit a bit of wrk u wil bc*m a grt poet. keep writin *

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