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Subject: My desert world
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fanking 22.01.09 - 07:30am
Draging myself along,
barted and bruised,
by the life before.
Hunger and thirst
linger in my mind.
Tormenting me by the minute.
I quit my struggle to move on,blinded by the easy way out,
before me.
I look around
and see nothing
but dreams
piled up like sand dunes
in my desert world.
Rivers of hope,
dried up.
And skulls of hate
are but the remains
of a love that once abound.
Up above the cloudless sky
in the scorching heart,
vultures of temptation fly by.
Awaiting my fall
so that they can devour me whole.
So that their sinister faces
and puny eyes
may watch my unfulfiled dreams pile up too.
I continue my struggle,
denying defeat,
defyin the odds,
against al costs
at all times.
The world nothngness
before me.
And of emptyness ahead me.
Endless like space
daunts me every step
of the way *

ray_k 22.01.09 - 08:35am
Wow! Nys poem. *

dyke 24.09.09 - 08:46am
My angel i am in aw after reading that the way uve described the hate the love the dreams i feel like i know that island and i wana get off plz show me the way off *

papidad 25.09.09 - 07:22am
Deeep So deep is your heart.... Who can draw the waters from within. Will you let anyone take a peek at at the soul or is the bashing too hard for the keeper to reveal it *

poet786 29.09.09 - 01:57pm
Saaad deep i live in dreams for better tomorrow look forward not back follow ur heart coz thats all u have now n 4eva . If life kicks u you stare it in the face n send it in pieces to hell in a handbasket *

bail 23.11.09 - 07:28am
Storms may be heavy, waves strong, whirlwinds crazy! but we give the waiting vultures not a chance! i like your poem. *

9362 7.07.15 - 02:53pm
Lovely poem. *

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