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Subject: Beautiful lies
Replies: 24 Views: 1326

6star69 29.07.08 - 01:45pm
You took my heart, you took my soul...i hurt inside, will i ever be whole...i believed in all your promises and in all your lies...now sumthing inside me slowly dies...you destroy everything beautiful you hold.,now im just old and cold... *

anglhart 15.09.08 - 06:53am
that is beautiful *

6star69 2.10.08 - 05:19pm
Change old n cold. Not me! Wen i stop crying, im going to start flying. Fly into the heart of a beautiful soul. That's my goal. *

m_o_o_n 16.07.09 - 09:55am
wow! Tats really a beautiful one!

VA7IiPHSjrP4gCWPuM26.jpg *

papidad 16.07.09 - 11:19am
Moon I like yo photographic dxpression. It surely says d words perfectly.2thumbs_up.GIF *

papidad 16.07.09 - 11:23am
U wil lov again n turn d pain to gain
lov will blossom again n sweet healin lov wil b yos salute.GIF *

poet786 16.07.09 - 01:01pm
Sadness blossoms to happiness then back to sadness thats the cycle of the heart
Light wil shine from ur heart once more as time and life heals all wounds *

m_o_o_n 16.07.09 - 01:32pm
@papidad - Thank u Friend. shy.GIF To some extent I choose picture according to d Topics N my replies!! I like such creative pics a lot!! Thanks again Papidad!!


papidad 16.07.09 - 03:04pm
Photography reveals a persons heart... its mussing n intensity. *

m_o_o_n 17.07.09 - 07:53am
Haha! Vry often I m criticized as acting vry childish n insane!! Thanks for ur Lovely comments!! bow.GIF *

papidad 17.07.09 - 08:45am
Many people can't tell the diffrence of being childlike and childish

m_o_o_n 17.07.09 - 09:06am
yeah tell me d difference plz?


God wil Bless U, if u give me d reply? haha.GIF *

m_o_o_n 17.07.09 - 05:59pm




bye2.GIF *

papidad 17.07.09 - 07:40pm
Being childish is wen lacks reasonin n will throw tuntrums for no reason. Nothin is seroius or with depth. *

m_o_o_n 18.07.09 - 06:04am
hmmmm okay.GIF *

papidad 18.07.09 - 09:29am
Happy now?bounce.GIF *

papidad 18.07.09 - 06:24pm
I see tht I dint post wat it is ben childlike... it is being trustin, teachable, humble, innocence, forgiving, all @ 1s *

m_o_o_n 18.07.09 - 10:43pm

I thot u wont reply me if i ask much..... so i dint disturb u and stopped wid that..... hehe.GIF *

papidad 20.07.09 - 06:59am
HUG.GIF@ Moonlol.GIF *

leepan 20.07.09 - 11:00am
Wow! It's so warm here. Moon, I love all the photos you are posting and the lovely mermaid pics too.. *

m_o_o_n 20.07.09 - 01:16pm
Ohh Thanks Leepan!! bow.GIF All Piczz r thr in our Group!! U can also use them here!! Good Luck!! flower2.GIF *

m_o_o_n 20.07.09 - 01:23pm
Leepan, I think U forgot our Group- Fallen-Roses?
Keep posting replies there too!! lol4.GIF *

m_o_o_n 20.07.09 - 01:30pm
@ papidad flowers4u.GIF *

papidad 20.07.09 - 04:25pm
@ Moonblush.GIF... thnxhug.GIF *

69star69 5.11.09 - 05:19pm
Wow, im blown away, been away a long time,im a 49yr old 1st time poet. Had a bf that wrote beautifully (beezer)which inspired me .stil so insecure abt my words. *

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