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Subject: I'm TIRED of this CRUEL world!
Replies: 15 Views: 1575

evilgirl 22.05.08 - 10:12am
I feel as if my heart has shattered,
shattered and scattered all over da cold hard floor,it's as if a sword is piercing my side,piercing and piercing,constantly tearing through my flesh,leaving me wounded and sore,i am hurt,my emotions have been stabbed,my heart can't take this pain anymore,cold droplets run down my pale cheeks,i hate feeling dis way,i hate being hurt and unaccepted,my heart is tired of being stabbed by dis cruel world,tired of being constantly hurt and abused by people's nasty comments,i don't wan't to be crushed by da weight of dis bad world,im tired of dis pain of rejection,my heart yearns for love and acceptance... *

carynxxx 31.05.08 - 08:15am
this poem is truly a work of art. i can relate to the emotions and rejection in dis awesome ode. keep writing, u rock. *

evilgirl 4.06.08 - 11:56am
Thanx alot carynx x x I realy appreciate dat! *

zigzat 11.06.08 - 12:40am
Wow exquisite a masterpiece *

evilgirl 14.06.08 - 11:20pm
Tanx zigzat dat means alot! *

elli 15.06.08 - 03:49pm
i liked your poem. its moving .. *

evilgirl 17.06.08 - 09:41pm
Tanx elli it means alot..! *

kellyb 18.06.08 - 12:22pm
evil girl do you have to reply to evry1 who says your poems good bt any way congrats uve outdone yourself *

evilgirl 18.06.08 - 11:47pm
Lol tanx kelly ..n i lv thankin ppl 4 takin da tym 2 read n comment on my wrk *

kellyb 23.06.08 - 10:23am
hey evilgirl long no time no hear i was expecting another hit poem from you!! *

evilgirl 23.06.08 - 07:32pm
I wil definately put another poem up soon n i wud luv 2 c sum poems of urz so plz dnt b shy 2 put another 1 up *

zonna 1.07.08 - 04:10am
Yr poem is really gud. Whn u write sumthn dat moves so many ppl... (Cant find da rit word 2 finish) *

evilgirl 8.07.08 - 01:01am
Tanx zonna ..i enjoy writin poems dat apply 2 alot of ppl *

9362 8.01.10 - 12:31am
What a brilliant poem! *

filifulu 2.02.10 - 02:47am
Trust me i read this n tears almost filling the 2nd cup. I lyk dis *

poet786 24.02.10 - 11:46am
I like :) *

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