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Subject: death to me for you to rule
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mischif7 10.04.16 - 08:26pm
Answering a question with a question
A hook for your line and sinker
Fishing for Jesus or just a religion?
Knowing does not discriminate
Being known is the siren of a criminal on his way to becoming an inmate
Law and Religion, the Judges of checkmate
Your king and queen making the back with two beasts
For your fate
To be free, saved and forgiven again and again
10% tithing and taxing all citizens abiding
A clear mind, consciously fooled
By a system created for me you and school
Oh, Lord what is I to do.
Follow my pulse till I don't hear my imbedded bass?
Or look up to heaven and wait for that staircase
I don't want to live a life where still frames
Only reserve a smile on my face
The life I want to live is that of a plant
Growing where the seed happens to sprout
Living a long life if luckily not plucked
Through stormy rains and summery droughts
But I could grow tall and wide as I am meant to be
A life time full of circles
Each one for every dream
And giving life to many others like me and unlikely
Mother Earth
Just like you on the inside I'm dying


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