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Subject: Misty Eyes In The Mirror.
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odin5 5.08.13 - 05:00pm
Misty eyes in the mirror,
don't reflect the pain,
it's only when you consider,
there's only you to blame.
Words that's softly spoken,
can help to mend your heart,
then trust becomes unbroken,
although you drift apart.
Scenes of happiness will delight,
when you close your eyes,
memories warm you in the night,
while refreshing thoughts surprise.
When you build a house of dreams,
the walls seem to withstand,
but then it isn't as it seems,
when it crumbles in your hand.
Vestures of emotion begin to divide,
when you realise your fate,
no longer can your tears hide,
when your love begins to hate.
Strangers now you avert your gaze,
try and strengthen your resolve,
empty promises now all ablaze,
your differences to great to solve.
A sunken shadow leans on the wall,
while your heart tries to recapture,
remember the love that made you fall,
with joy unsung and rapture.
The sweetness of love now turned sour,
a relationship blighted by haste,
what you would give for one more hour,
once again that sweetness to taste.
But all you have are memories,
the good outweigh the bad,
love-songs mournful melodies,
now remind you that your sad.
The bond you crave can't satisfy,
the void now in your heart,
echoes of his laughter only pacify,
his fading footsteps while you part. *

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