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Subject: A fairytale (short story)
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0minous 1.04.11 - 09:03pm
When the last leaf falls. She said in answer to my question. That's forever! I cried out, overjoyed. Because there will always be trees on earth and at least half of them will contain leaves. She laughed. A sentence can have many different meanings, you know. She said. Like wth. To some, it means what the hell while to others it means what the heck. But when the last leaf falls isn't an abbreviated word. Abbreviated words are confusing and can have many meanings. I argued, not wanting to agree with what she said. Okay. You win. She surrendered helplessly. I grinned. . . Time passes too quickly. After a month, comes another one. The sprout in me grows, turns into a tree and waits to be full of flower someday... One day, she sighed and said, You are too good for me. Too much anything is bad, they say. So does that mean I am bad for her? I understand. I replied. But I actually understood nothing. I always tried to be perfect. The perfect boy for her. Was it insufficient? It was the beginning of the end, I realized. After some days, she spoke of breaking up. When I asked the reason, she looked down and remained silent. I grabbed her arms and shook her. What's wrong with you? I asked. Look! The trees still have leaves on them! Look at the trees! Look at me! I'm still here. I love you more than anything else. Everything is not over! We can... we can still be together. We were never meant to fall apart. Desperate, I tried my best not to lose her. She looked at my eyes and said, Sorry. A small word, but it expressed a lot. I turned around. Very well. Good bye my love. Be happy. I heard her footsteps as she was going away. Far far away... I didn't look back. Did she? Did she think about what she was leaving behind? I kept standing there for hours. I couldn't believe what happened. Suddenly, I began laughing maniacally. She is gone! It's the only thing that kept echoeing in my mind. My laughter, originated from the sorrow deep within, resulted in tears. Spring came to my life only for once. It didn't last long. No flower bloomed in the tree inside me. Ah! Who am I kidding? I said to myself. I am a mere human boy. But she... she's an angel. She deserves a male angel, not a human like me. I was never worthy of her. All fairytales have a happily ever after ending. But mine didn't. It didn't need one. I just wish her fairy tale will have a happy ending. I just want her to be happy. I want her to be happy till the last leaf falls... *

0minous 4.04.11 - 08:21pm
Man! The exclamation marks didn't come out right. They story looks totally messed up and confusing! Gah! *

kheemnat 23.08.11 - 10:49am
I LOVE your strory!! *

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