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Subject: insincere sincerity
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mischif7 31.03.11 - 10:05pm
If every voice that cared were true.
My heart would follow the happy beat.
Smiles are to familiar with your deceit.
I'm amazing and loved,where is the receipt?
The last lie bought broke me and kept my pockets empty.
Doubt she can keep up with me.
Always there for me? When needed lifting.
Waste of your time.
I'm a waste of my kind.
I'd kill to share the same mind.
What we need not to hear is a breath away from the truth.
Pay for these kisses in the booth.
Take over and become my hobby.
Death is waiting and time isn't stopping.
Sincere I wish you could be.
Sincere is what I wish I could see.
Blind is all but can be still be heard.
Happiness is dumb.

I failed before I begun. Squeeze that trigger on the new Love.

0minous 2.04.11 - 02:45pm
Your works are as awesome as ever! X) They inspire me to write better! *

mischif7 2.04.11 - 10:30pm
Hey thanks man. Only good cause I'm actually writing what I feel. *

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