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Subject: the truth is..
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mischif7 15.03.11 - 09:24pm
the truth has always been there.
Seen with foreign eyes.
But now i see the language.
And i speak it fluent.
But you dont understand when i speak my mother tongue.
I dont know what you say either.
Your eyes tell me you hurt though.
Your heart beats silently.
Lets share this pain together.
Love wont but we can make it better.
Throw out that silly guidebook.
I got a map that leads to nowhere.
We'll find No-one.
Hopefully he will make us feel no pain.
If i go on longer it will become my breath.
I dont want that but i need it.
So lets go before the sun goes down.
Before i get down...

pink.bbe 23.03.11 - 01:35pm
good2.GIF nice lines mischief *

mischif7 2.04.11 - 10:45pm
Thanks buddy

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