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Subject: Behind every smile
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9362 11.03.10 - 03:25pm
A joyful smile spread across a young face,a sign of happiness,never out of place.Yet in their eyes i glimpse stories so sad of the life they once lived and the trauma they had *

9362 11.03.10 - 03:42pm
There's the street boy who threw himself off a bridge because he no longer had the will to live.Thankfully spotted and brought to a home,a new chance in life,no longer alone *

9362 11.03.10 - 03:46pm
A young girl of 9,parents died on the street,each night in the market in rubbish she'd weep.she is found and brought to a street childrens home,for once in her life she's a bed of her own *

9362 11.03.10 - 03:52pm
These children still keep all their pain in their soul and wear a big smile so no one will know.Next time you see a smile so wide,try looking behind to the story it hides *

filifulu 6.04.10 - 06:07am
Wow, thenx lol i got ur msg *

fanking 3.07.10 - 10:39am
WOW!! thts amazing. great write. *

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