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Subject: Return to summer
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9362 6.01.10 - 09:05pm
I shall return when summer's there and breathe again that rustic air,to where i watched the sunflowers grow,my childhood home of long ago.I shall return when lark's sweet song,is heard before the morning throng,and from the songbirds name a few,of the many i once knew.I shall return when sun's first rays touch my face with playful ways *

9362 6.01.10 - 09:13pm
That make me rise and want to see the world outside that waits for me.I shall return when once again,i'll walk that quiet country lane,then pause along the riverside and spot the sticklebacks that hide.I shall return when sheltered glade,offers me some midday shade,where i can rest,reflect on things,of that joy and peace that nature brings *

9362 6.01.10 - 09:15pm
To that dear place for which i care,i shall return when summer's there *

poet786 24.02.10 - 11:51am
Lovely imagery makes me feel nostalgic for my lazy summer days as a kid *

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