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Subject: I wonder
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poet786 17.11.09 - 02:55pm
I wonder how it is to fly up above the world soo high
I wonder if i fly them wud i dream of walking
I wonder who i am and who are u in the mirror
I wonder if i want to run fly away away 4rm mundane
I wonder when i shed my earthly form will my soul soar *

bail 18.11.09 - 01:48pm
When we shed this earthly form, only then will we fly en know who we trully are. *

poet786 19.11.09 - 02:48pm
Wish there was a way i cud fly myself jes jump into the air and tell gravity to go to hell *

m_o_o_n 22.11.09 - 03:53am
hehe u gonna tell gravity to go to hell... hehe funny.... 5v2qRGH84A3OIC6k3nIM.gif *

bail 22.11.09 - 03:39pm
Poet786 you are really funny! juz fly with your mind en u will truly be there! *

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